Do you have questions about our program such as:

  • When will you open up for applications again?
  • What are your requirements?
  • How do you select trainees?
  • How many trainees do you select each year?
  • How do I prepare for the program?
  • What are my chances of being selected?
  • Can I apply right out of college?
  • What type of training?
  • What is the difference between this program and an internship?
  • Do I have to have experience?
  • Where are the training stations?
  • How much will I get paid?
  • Does it cost to apply to your program?
  • Will I be a full-time employee?
  • Can I get placed near my home?
  • Will I have to relocate?
  • Do you help with relocation expenses?
  • What is the process for applying?
  • Where are the previous trainees working?
  • Do I have to pay to be placed?
  • Can I do volunteer work for you?

If you have questions such as these, (or something not listed), we invite you to join the workshop/conference call hosted by Founder, Patrice Williams.

Have a question not listed?

P.S. We will schedule another Workshop/Conference Call where former news reporter trainees, and now Anchors, will be interviewed about their journeys after completing the program.

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