Priscilla Kwan Former News Reporter Trainee

“When I first spotted MIBTP’s ad for reporter trainees, I instantly felt I fit the position. MIBTP strives to reach minorities who face obstacles during that first frustrating search for that first reporting job. That was me! By then I had exhausted all of my resources in the job hunt. My road trips to visit news directors, the unreturned phone calls to my messages (“Just wondering if you had a chance to look at my tape?) and the regular mailings of batches of tapes were not rewarded with even one job offer. MIBTP’s application process required that I provide proof that my search was not fruitful. I knew my large stack of rejection letters would suffice.” “My premonition was correct. MIBTP and I turned out to be a match. They shipped me out to Texas where I began the reporting journey. More importantly, for the first time in my life, I was working in a career in which I felt 100% fulfilled.” “Thank you MIBTP — I really couldn’t have done it without your dedication to minorities in broadcasting.”

Priscilla Kwan Reporter, KSEE, Fox 26