By Nicole Murray, Anchor, KFDM

Roadblock… after roadblock… after roadblock. I was discouraged, frustrated and looking for a big red neon sign that read “Don’t give up on your dreams of becoming a News Anchor.” I never found it, but my hopes were renewed when I stumbled upon the Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program website.

Let’s go back to the beginning. The only job I ever dreamed of as a little girl was sitting at an Anchor Desk reading the news, describing my surroundings at the scene of a breaking news story, putting special reports together that would improve or make a difference in viewers lives.

I worked hard, graduated from high school, college, and signed up for several internships at local TV stations. I ran prompter, wrote news stories, pulled cable, edited, made beat calls, shadowed reporters and so much more. It was all in an effort to get my foot in the door, a door that kept getting slammed in my face.

Through my internships I was able to put together a resume tape. Originally from California I was willing to go anywhere to start my career. I interviewed for several reporting jobs in small markets in Minnesota, Oregon, West Virginia, etc. I was well received but never made the cut.

Which brings me back to the day I discovered the Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program. When I read the qualifications, it was like reading my own resume. I quickly applied, said a prayer and waited. I was so excited when the Founder of the program Patrice Williams contacted me and after the interview process, I was named a finalist. It was first time in a long time I felt someone heard my voice and recognized my dedication and passion.

Since being accepted into the program I have gone on to work at three different TV Stations in Texas. The program placed me in Midland, TX. After my six months was up as a Minorities in Broadcasting Trainee the station offered me a full-time reporter position. Two years later I took a Job in Waco, TX where I worked as a Bureau Chief Reporter, covering the war and stories relating to Fort Hood and the surrounding community. I was there for 4 years when I accepted a job as the Weekend Anchor in Beaumont, TX.

I have made Beaumont my home, I’ve been here for 10 years. In that time, I have worked on every show and am currently the Noon and 3pm Anchor. It is so rewarding to be living my dream. A dream that a little girl had so many years ago, a dream that almost wasn’t, a dream made possible because of the Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program and Its Founder Patrice Williams.