Shawndrea Thomas Former News Reporter Trainee

I must say that if it wasn’t for the MIBTP program I would not be anchoring in St. Louis today. I tried for 3 years to break into reporting and got tons of rejection letters or no response at all. I was about to give up and came across the program online I thought if I get in it’s meant to be and I should keep chasing my dream and if I don’t I would move on. I had one month left in my timeline and got the word that I GOT IN!!! From that point on it’s been a whirlwind of moves and changes. I went from Midland, Texas to Columbus, Ohio  to Orlando, Florida and now St. Louis, Missouri.  I was also able to suggest the program to another friend of mine who got in and now she’s reporting in Columbus, Ohio. The program works and did exactly what it was meant to do. Thank you Patrice for your vision and I hope that more stations participate to help make more dreams come true for people of color.

Shawndrea Thomas, Fox 2, St. Louis