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"2 screenshots of Cathy & I behind the "Cody's parents" in the studio audience during the final. Cody was 1 of the final 2 (took 2nd place)- we also sat 8 seats down from Ariana Grande in our row!" 

"Thanks again!! Big Brother finale was great!"

Shawna :)

2014 BigBrother Winner - HollywoodCharityAuction.com

Big Brother 2014 Winner HollywoodCharityAuction.com

"Then later we met 1 of the Big Brother house guest "jury members" at the hotel we stayed at. All the Big Brother house guests are at the Marriott Burbank Airport hotel until Sunday! This is contestant Hayden Voss!" 


Big Brother 2014 - Hayden and Auction Winner: HollywoodCharityAuction.com

Big Brother 2014 Hayden with Auction winner - HollywoodCharityAuction.com

E M M Y 'S   2 0 1 3

"We had a fantastic Time!" "Thanks for the opportunity."
Jeff Caperton



What a lifetime memory I have of the wonderful evening last night!  The whole staff were so friendly and accommodating, especially with my hip trouble. They put me on a permanent second row center seat...does it get any better than that?!...they checked me in first, sat me in the auditorium first...really took a special interest in making sure I had the best seat in the house and that I didn't have to walk any farther than absolutely necessary!

 My family back in Tennessee recorded it and took this screen shot and emailed it to me. Here it is...that' me to the right behind Clive Owen, I believe, with a big smile on my face!

Randy had a great time too! She was up and down and up and down. Its a shame they didn't give her one of the three permanent seats right behind me. Judging by the permanent seat filler behind me who appeared to be more interested in texting than watching the show, they would probably agree.   But Randy  had a ball as well!

Thanks so much for creating such an amazing event for me!  It was an absolute dream of a lifetime come true and I am so glad that your charity benefited from it as well.

I would certainly love to do this again next year, especially if they can allow me and my guest, as charity winners to occupy any permanent seats.

I know they are not guaranteed, but it sure worked out last night! and I will be forever grateful! . 

This shot was from the broadcast. Next to Clive Owen that isn't pictured here, is Nicole Kidman, and Keith Urban, right in front of me on the first row.  That's Michael J. Fox's son next to me (who looks just like him) and Michael and his wife were sitting next to him.

What a great time!  Carol Muszik


Winner: Jim Robinson " Turned out great! Here is the photo. Thanks!"


Thank you Patrice, MIBTP, Chas. Floyd Johnson, and NCIS for the Walk-on Role and Mega Package.
My day started at 6:40 AM when I arrived at the studio and got in a shuttle van with several others to go to the location we were filming at for most of the day.  We arrived on location at 7:00 and I was taken with the background extras to wardrobe.  I’m a FBI crime scene technician and I was given a FBI jacket to wear plus an additional jacket for warmth.  It was cold out but the tent where we had to wait was heated and there was food to eat.  Then I sat around and waited.  Around 8:30 I was escorted to the set to watch the filming of the first scene.
I watched the filming for about an hour and a half then I took a break.  It was starting to warm up and I wanted to return the additional jacket.  I was escorted back to wardrobe and on the way met up with Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon, Sean Murray, and Cote de Pablo and was introduced to them.  I spent a minute talking with them all then another five minutes or so talking with just Michael.  When I was first in contact with the studio to set up the scheduling of my role, I was asked who I most wanted to meet and see filming and my answer was Michael.
After talking with Michael, it was back to the set to watch some more and soon it was time to film my first scene.  I was in 2 scenes.  All I had to do was walk to the back of the FBI crime scene van with another FBI agent and open the door of the van.  When the scene was complete, it was back to watching and waiting while scenes were filmed with Michael, Mark, Sean, and Cote.  Between scenes Michael came and asked if I had my camera with me and I said yes and he took it and took pictures of me then we had pictures taken together.  Then he took my camera again and I followed him around and he took pictures of me with Sean and me with Mark and Ryan McCann, the murder victim in the episode.  We couldn’t find Cote when we were walking around and taking pictures.  Then another scene was filmed, which was my second scene, and I’m with the other FBI agents in the background standing at the back of the FBI van.  After that it was time for lunch and the food was good.
When everyone was done with lunch, my second scene was filmed again from another angle and we (the FBI) are still in the background by the van.  Then I watched the last scene that was being filmed with Michael and Sean.  We finished up a little after 3:00 and I got on the shuttle van to go back to the studio.  At the studio I was given a tour of the sets and watched them set up for filming in the squad room.  Filming started around 5:20 or so and between takes and different camera set ups, Michael came and sat with me and talked some more.  The last scene wrapped at 6:50 PM and it was time to go.  It was a long day (12+ hours) but a day that I will remember for a long time.
The entire cast, crew, and production of NCIS were very welcoming and friendly and made sure that my day was great and I had fun.
Nancy Smith
Burlingame, California

I promised you pictures of the premiere.  It was truly the most wonderful night of my life!  I'm thinking seriously of bidding for tickets to Bounty Hunter.  I understand the premiere is in New York.  Do you know anything about that?
Thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime.
Bonnie Santino
Oriskany, NY

"Had a fantastic time at American Idol.The seats were great! 5th row to the left of Simon.Our family caught a glimps of our heads a few times.It was so unreal to actually be there in the studio.Julie made a big sign asking Chris for a kiss for here birhtday.She was noticed and he blew her a bunch of kisses.It gets even better. We did not want to wait in a long line to retrieve our cell phones and cameras so we hung around outside the studio for a while till the line was gone.We were walking out when a woman came up to Julie and said follow me.I had no idea what was happening,but the woman explained she had also noticed Julie and wanted her to meet Chris.She was Jordan's Nana. She snuck us back to the secret exit and waited with us till all the Idols came out. Julie got autographs and pictures with everyone and actually had a long conversation with Chris and Phil. What nice people they all are!! She said it was the best birthday ever. We even hung out with Justin Long( the Mac guy) and Johnathan Togo( from CSI Miami) in the exit line.They were a lot of fun.Needless to say our experience was excellent and we are so happy you made this possible.Thank You again."
 Cynthia Pipoly and Julie ( cjpipoly1"at"sbcglobal.net )

I visited the set of Prison Break on January 24th, 2006 during episode 17.
I asked the production lady where exactly in Chicago was the show filmed, and I was told that they practically shoot all over the place, so you can imagine my excitement when I was informed that I would be at Joliet Prison. For a show called Prison Break, I could not have asked for a better location!

The prison is practically a character in itself, you feel eerie upon entering the property. To imagine that just a couple of years ago, it was an actual working facility was very surreal. I was given a tour of the entire place, including the infamous John Wayne Gacy cell.

I arrived at Joliet in the morning at about 10, and did not leave until about 10 at night. It was such an amazing experience watching how my favorite television show comes into fruition for all of our enjoyment. I tried at all costs to avoid any spoilers, which was very difficult, if you take into consideration that the last episode that was aired back in November was